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Submission Master "JUNIOR"

#1 Grappling Dummy / Jiu Jitsu Dummy
...For Kids!

It's identical to the Adult Size Submission Master,
only smaller!
 (for info about the adult model, click here)

Now, kids can have the ONLY grappling dummy that:

  • Keeps his legs up (no matter what!) Pass the guard, leg locks, knee bars...
  • Keeps his arms up (endless arm bars!)
  • Postures up inside your guard so you can work from your back -the most important position in fighting!
  • Postures in "start" position
  • He'll even posture in quarter position ("turtle" position)

  • Watch a Demo!



Submission Master "JUNIOR" Specifications: 

Weight:  approximately 40 to 45 lbs.
Height:  30" in the kneeling position from the top of the head to where the butt contacts the floor
(approx. equal to a 4 1/2 ft. tall child)
Construction: Covered with 1000 Denier Cordura® (an extremely tear-resistant and water-resistant material)

These measurements may vary slightly, as the
Submission Master "JUNIOR" is hand-constructed.
Made in the USA 



Please Note - The Submission Master "JUNIOR" does not come with the clothing seen in
the pictures and video on this site.

The Submission Master "JUNIOR" is identical to the adult model Submission Master ,
except it's smaller. To learn more about the Submission Master "JUNIOR",
please watch the videos on the "more videos" page. Most of what you'll see there applies
to the Submission Master "JUNIOR" as well.

My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% if you are not satisfied with the quality and workmanship of the Submission Master , you may return him during the first 30 days from the date you received him. You will be refunded your original purchase price, not including shipping charges. The product must be returned in new condition.


Important - Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and review the Return Policy 
and Procedure to answer question you may have regarding the Submission Master "Junior"
prior to purchasing.

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